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Here’s another good one; notice the title… it leaves things a little bit to be wondered, maybe makes you want to ask a few questions. Sure, obviously this article is going to be about at least one London escort agency or maybe more but what about Black escorts in London? Number one; Playful Escorts has plenty of them for you to choose from. You want them black? Do you want them as Cheap Incall Escorts? Ok, so we´ll tell you a little bit about the escorts that they have available for men and women throughout London. Some things you may know other things you may not; read on if you care to. (We won´t twist your arm) The girls will do that with their looks, but in a good way. Continue reading

Tired in searching for busty or black escorts?

Yes we know it, you do not have to point out the fact that the title of this article is not… (Ha ha) shall we call it politically correct? (Or grammatical, it should be `of´) That´s a touchy subject nowadays eh? (Politics) Who says what is dumb and what is not? We all believe in something. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Forget the wrong spelling of the title. You should get the just (understanding) of it. Who really gives a flying frack about politics and correct spelling? All that matters is that you understand. I may or may not get in trouble for writing this article… but I don´t really give a flying frack either. We´re here to do one thing and one thing only, grab your attention and provide you with the best Busty escorts in London or Black escorts that London has to offer. Quit searching and wasting your precious time. Check out Playful for Paddington escorts and other ones all around London. Keep reading on for more possibly useless information that we are not intentionally trying to bore you with.

No, we´re not really trying to bore you with our Black escorts in London , Busty escorts in London, Paddington escorts or the many others that are available for your pleasure. Nobody wants to be bored; it can be nine in the morning or nine at night. You never have to be bored and sitting alone twiddling your thumbs; if you call Playful Escorts you can twiddle something else that is much more enjoyable. It can get tiring always flying solo… We try to keep it relatively simple; you choose and decide which one is best for you. They are all broken down to their own categories; Black escorts from London are good. Busty escorts from London are the same and who´s to say? If you want to visit them you can see Paddington escorts, Bayswater, South Kensington, and Marble Arch perhaps? (Amongst other places) Where are you closest to? Anywhere in and around Central London that you may happen to be by, you will always find the best girls available for companionship or to visit or if you prefer to have them come to you. We’re going to cut this short here; in a way that you will not know; (but it´s not important) don´t keep wondering or thinking about it. Quit searching for that perfect woman, find her, call Playful Escorts and get tired (without being bored) in a different way… after a wonderful romp with a pretty playful escort. How could you do any better?

Best London escort category of this year

mature escort

Mature escort

Escorts from all over the world are broken down into many different categories to make it easier for you to find the perfect date for your occasion; after all some agencies out there have upwards of 100 or more different girls working for them. Depending on the speed of your internet and the quality of your internet or phone service provider not everyone wants to or has time to sit there and look through so many profiles of escorts whether they may be searching for London Mature Escorts, English Escorts or even an Ebony Escort. So if you are wondering what the best London escort category of the year is you may be wondering for some time as it´s a little difficult to pinpoint it. Many a persons would likely agree that busty escorts or blonde escorts are some of the most popular. That may be true but it all depends on ones tastes and preferences; A-team escorts, blonde, brunette, English, Indian Latin, mature and the list goes on substantially longer. Others may agree that possibly English Escorts may be the best or most popular category of the year; it is true if you happen to look and browse enough different websites in general the English girls do seem to always be some of the most expensive ones out there for one and secondly many of them seem to work just for agencies that specialize in English girls. So why is it that in general that those girls will cost more than London Mature Escorts or other ones out there? There is only one way to find out for sure and that is to book one for you; first try an English woman and then spend some time with an Ebony Escort for comparison. Continue reading

What’s So Trendy About Black Escorts in Central London That everyone Went Crazy Over It?


People didn’t exactly go crazy over it; although it is true that over the years it has been more common for persons to spend more time with Black escorts in Central London. Using escorts not only in London but all over the world is more common than ever now. If you look at the divorce rate for many cities and countries you find that many of them are pretty astoundingly high. For some known and some unknown reasons it seems to also be a trend that nots going to go away or get any better soon. So if you are married and not all of your needs are being met should you be using the services of Black escorts in Central London? Well that´s up to you; it depends on how you feel and what your opinions are. Way back in the days it was not so common to see interracial relationships. The booking Black escorts in London may have become trendier because now more and more people are doing it all over the world. I won’t tell you how old I am but back when I was an adolescent and growing up going to school you would hardly ever see an interracial relationship; and if you did it was frowned upon and looked at as being something bad. Times change and now it seems to be a thing that is as normal drinking coffee in the morning or having afternoon tea. Continue reading

Should you really go with Mature Escorts for a Date?

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Whose feelings are you taking into considering answering this question? Many people may not like it but this is a classic example of someone answering a question with a question. Sometimes a pretty plain and simple yes or no will do. We have all been there and done that at one time but for some persons or another one answering their question or questions with another question can really get their goat or bug the heck out of them. In other words it can make some people very mad or piss them off; it´s likely a little more common in relationships of committed persons. If things get a little boring and/or blah, blah in your relationship and you get sick of telling your significant other that is a yes or no question and  he or she or he does not seem to understand (or care) and not give you a straight answer well then just date Mature London Escorts. Maybe she or he just does not listen. Don´t ever question your feelings; if you want to have a date or an experience with an older woman then you should give Playful Escorts a call and spend some quality time with one of their Mature London Escorts. Central London Escorts from Playful will always listen; especially the Mature ones who are in their prime. No… not Optimus Prime… No movies here, only reality… and sexuality. Older women know how to get it done more than any other girls working in the escorting industry. Continue reading

4 Incredibly sensuous sex positions every man desires

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Sexual freedom is something that every man wants in a relationship. A lot of relationships which are very strong when it comes to understanding are also very weak when it comes to physical part. And thus one often looks outside the relationship to get these things. One of the most common complaints a man has is that the woman is not adventurous enough to try new sexual positions. Here are some of the most asked for positions when men visit escorts:

Woman on top

Although many people see this as a submissive position, men secretly want the woman to take control of the night and please them. The woman can dictate the terms and can be in the driver’s seat leaving the man’s hands free and letting the woman do the hard work.

Reverse cowgirl

This is also a very popular position and it is just a reserve version of the woman on top. It gives the man more freedom to do things which may come as a surprise to the woman. It is also one of those positions that is popular among the Top London escorts as it isn’t a position which involves a lot of eye contact. It is a very romantic position and especially when both of them can up their sex drive and do it passionately. Continue reading

Feel like a kid in a candy store with London escorts

London escorts

London escorts

Birmingham is not nearly the size of London but if you happen to be living there or just visiting you will find that they do have at least one thing in common and that is their abundance of escorts. London has almost eight times as much land area and population than Birmingham does according to 2014 statistics; but that does not mean you will have any trouble finding escorts there. Birmingham London Escorts and all escorts in the United Kingdom are a good way to indulge in all your fantasy’s and pleasures. Of course in London you are going to have a lot more choices for booking Escorts in London. Many places advertise and say they have Cheap London Escorts; cheap for whom and cheap compared to what? It all depends on how you look at it; sometimes as they say you have to think outside the box or sometimes you have to look at the big picture; the big picture here is London. Continue reading

London Escorts Service at its Finest


London is a great place to visit; whether you are there on vacation or on a business trip for a short while you will find plenty of excitement and entertainment no matter what your tastes are. If you are able to and have the time a trip to London would not be complete without spending some time with a companion from a London Escorts Service; considering that there are so many different options out there for choosing an escort it may be a little tough on deciding on where to find your companion at. 24 Carat Escorts is a good place to start; they have everything you need to ensure that you have an unforgettable time when you visit with their girls. Continue reading